Welcome to Founders Hall at Bank of America Corporate Center. 

Thank you for selecting Founders Hall at Bank of America Corporate Center for your upcoming special event. You will soon find out why Founders Hall is Charlotte's premiere event venue. We are looking forward to working with you, and it is our desire that you feel 100% comfortable during the planning process. We offer comprehensive event planning information that will make the event planning process much easier. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable of the capabilities of our venue and is committed to providing you with the highest quality service. We will do everything possible to make your special event a successful one.

The following guidelines will help answer many of the frequently asked questions about events held in Founders Hall. If you have any other concerns, discuss them with your event manager who is available for your assistance. 


Founders Hall and the Bank of America Corporate Center Plaza are available for rental seven days a week. The facility will not be available for the following holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Size and Capabilities

  • Founders Hall
    • Banquet: 500 people
    • Reception - with highboys: 800 people 
    • Reception - standing only: 1000 people 
    • 10,000 sq. ft. 
  • Bank of America Corporate Center Plaza
    • Reception - with highboys: 200 people 
    • Reception - standing only: 600 people 

(Note: Indicated capacities are reduced by staging, head table, A/V requirements, etc.) 


Space Reservations

Founders Hall event managers must arrange all space requests and rental agreements for Founders Hall. Within two weeks of initial contact the client and event manager must meet. The signed contract and deposit must be received within two weeks of the send-out date in order to confirm the event as a definite status. If these documents are not received by the required date the reservation will be canceled.

For public events, sponsors are required to submit a space request letter three months prior to the preferred function date. The Special Event Review Committee will review all public event requests and will notify sponsor(s) of the outcome within 10 working days. 


The following must be approved by the event manager a minimum of one month prior to the event date:

  1. All printed materials which reference the facility 
  2. All decorations to be used in the facility (decorations shall be in accordance with all applicable fire codes) 
  3. Arrangements for food and bar set-up, tables, other furniture, equipment and musicians 
  4. Delivery schedule for flowers, decorations or other special orders 
  5. Sponsor's production company, event planner or promoter 
  6. Sponsor's entertainment 
  7. Sponsor's technical and event requirements 

If all required approvals for the event are not obtained one month in advance of the event date, then the table and chair set-up, bar set-up, food set-up and entertainment set-up scheduled for the event will be suspended and the event date will be released. In the case of a release of the event date, the sponsor's deposit is forfeited. 

Base Rental Includes:

  • Set up and breakdown of tables and chairs. 
  • Four (4) security guards to man points of entry into event space.
    Note: Additional security, which is billed to the sponsor, is required for groups over 300 people.
  • Janitorial service during event hours in bathrooms and event areas including removal of trash for up to one dumpster full. 
  • Free parking for private events in the Bank of America Corporate Center parking garage. 
  • Firewatch during event hours. 
  • Use of house sound system (sponsor must hire an approved sound technician at their expense). 
  • Pipe and drape of two (2) designated sides. 

Base Rental Does Not Include: 

  • Decoration of event space or tables. 
  • Temporary staging. 
  • Special lighting. 
  • Extra pipe and drape. 
  • Trash removal in excess of one (1) dumpster will result in a charge of $150.00. 
  • Fire Marshal. If the local Fire Marshal determines that a member of the Fire Marshal's staff must be present at the event in accordance with the North Carolina State Fire Code, then Founders Hall will relay any applicable charges to the sponsor. 


A deposit of 50% of the rental fee is due within two weeks of booking an event. The balance of the rental fee must be paid two weeks prior to the event date. An additional security deposit may be required, depending upon the nature of the event. Please make payment by check to Founders Hall at Bank of America. Cash and credit cards are not accepted. In the event of cancellation, written notice must be delivered to Founders Hall at least 60 days prior to the event. If advance notice is given prior to 60 days of the event, Founders Hall will charge 30% of our total revenue cost. If notice is given with less than 60 days, then the charge will be 50% of our total revenue cost.

Any event booked for the month of December must meet minimum requirements. Events scheduled during this time require a 90-day cancellation period or there will be no refund of the deposit. 

Other charges: 

Rehearsal time during non-rented dates is $100.00 per hour. Any damages that occur in the building shall be repaired immediately at the expense of the sponsoring organization. Damages will be repaired by a reputable company chosen by Bank of America and Lincoln Harris LLC. Bank of America and Lincoln Harris LLC shall supervise all building repair and invoice the sponsoring organization's insurance company for all costs, including supervisory time. Event sponsor holds all financial responsibility and is obligated to file the claim with their insurance company. Two weeks prior to the event, the event sponsor is responsible for providing a certificate of liability insurance naming Founders Hall and all related entities as additional insured.

Catering/Exclusive Services

Exclusive Services 

Sonoma is the exclusive in-house caterer for all events held in Founders Hall. All menus and food and beverage details must be taken care of through Sonoma and their contracted services. Sonoma's professional catering staff is available to assist you in selecting menus and a pricing structure to meet your needs and budget. 

Alcoholic Beverages 

Sonoma coordinates all bar service in Founders Hall, and all alcoholic beverages must be purchased by Sonoma. Alcoholic beverages may be served in Founders Hall, in Sonoma and on the Corporate Center Plaza. Sonoma will supply event sponsors with information regarding ABC laws specific to the event. No one may leave the property with an alcoholic beverage. 

Staging Event

Move In 

The event sponsor may have access to Founders Hall to begin set-up and decoration for events no earlier than 3:00 p.m. the day of the event unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Move Out

All events held in Founders Hall will take place during contracted time but must conclude no later than 2:00 a.m. Sponsor is responsible for removal of all event-related materials at the conclusion of the event. Any costs incurred by Founders Hall for the removal of event-related materials will be charged back to the sponsor. 


All house lights are to be controlled by Founders Hall event managers or building staff. 

No pyrotechnics shall be used inside of Founders Hall unless a proper permit is obtained from the Charlotte Fire Department. No decorative or other materials shall be attached to any part of Founders Hall without prior approval by event managers. 

General Rules and Regulations

Americans With Disabilities Act 

Founders Hall is a public entity subject to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA). Founders Hall is reasonably accessible to disabled patrons as required by the ADA and applicable regulations. 

The sponsor is responsible, within their control, for making all exhibits and event set-ups accessible to qualified individuals with a disability attending the event. 

The sponsor will not be permitted to make any structural or permanent changes to Founders Hall. However, you will be responsible for providing temporary auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals with a disability attending your event. "Qualified individuals with a disability" and "Auxiliary aids and services" shall have the meanings set forth in the ADA and applicable regulations.

Founders Hall will use its best efforts to assist the sponsor in identifying local providers of temporary auxiliary aids and services, although the sponsor will remain ultimately responsible for identifying and contracting with such providers. If the sponsor fails to arrange for a reasonably requested temporary auxiliary aid or service, Founders Hall shall have the right, but not the obligation, to provide or arrange for such temporary auxiliary aid or service and will transfer all costs to the event sponsor.

The sponsor must allow access to the area(s) rented, if needed, to reasonably accommodate disabled patrons at the event. 

The sponsor will also indemnify and hold harmless Founders Hall, their agents, employees, servants and officials from any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from the sponsor's failure, or the failure of one of the exhibitors, to comply with the ADA or applicable regulations. 

Handicapped Access 

Handicapped access into Founders Hall is available via North College Street, Trade Street and the Corporate Center Lobby. 

Animals or Pets 

Except for Seeing Eye dogs (or other similar animals used for assistance by the disabled), and except for animals used as part of a Founders Hall-approved exhibit or activity, no animals or pets are permitted in Founders Hall. 

Approved animals in Founders Hall must be on a leash or properly contained. The sponsor assumes full responsibility for any approved animal in Founders Hall and will indemnify and hold harmless Founders Hall, their agents, employees, and officials from any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from an approved animal. 


Founders Hall can supply a state of the art sound system for use during special events. The sponsor must contract an approved sound technician to operate the system. Founders Hall reserves the right to control the sound level for contracted bands and entertainment. 

Tape/Adhesive-Backed Material 

Use of tape (except for gaffers tape) on any wall surface, the marble staircase, the fountain, or on any equipment is prohibited. 

The sponsor and related service contractor(s) are responsible for the removal of all tape and tape residue from any surface area in Founders Hall. If the sponsor fails to remove tape and tape residue, Founders Hall will relay all charges involved in the removal of such items to the sponsor. 

Escalators and Elevators 

All equipment shall be transported utilizing the freight elevator only, and must not exceed the total weight capacity of such freight elevator. 

Escalators are not to be used for the transporting of items such as chairs, tables, wheelchairs, or other equipment that cannot be carried by hand. 

Event Security 

There will be four (4) security guards provided for each event held in Founders Hall and two (2) security guards provided for each event on the Bank of America Corporate Center Plaza. 

Extra security is required for events having more than 300 guests at $150 per security guard. 

Exterior Doors 

No exterior door(s) to Founders Hall may be propped open in any way. 

Freight or Shipment of Materials

Founders Hall will not accept any freight for sponsor's event. Arrangements are to be made with a service contractor to handle freight requirements. 

Event managers must be informed of any event related deliveries so that arrangements can be made with the loading dock. 

All materials delivered to Founders Hall must be delivered no sooner than the event date. C.O.D. deliveries will not be accepted by Founders Hall. 

Hazardous Materials and Wastes

Before, during and after the event, sponsor and related exhibitors must handle, transport, remove and dispose of all hazardous material (including hazardous waste, medical waste, hazardous substances, toxic substances and regulated substances) in a safe, proper and lawful manner. 

Event manager must be notified at least 30 days prior to the first day of the Rental Period that the sponsor, exhibitor, or service contractor intends to bring hazardous material in, on or about Founders Hall during the Rental Period. The sponsor must also provide to the event manager a copy of the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet for such hazardous material. The event manager may also require the sponsor to implement a plan for handling any releases or threats of release of such hazardous material in Founders Hall. 

The sponsor shall indemnify and hold harmless Founders Hall from any and all liability damages, costs or expenses incurred by Founders Hall, including reasonable attorneys' fees, court costs and other expenses such as consultant and laboratory fees and removal and disposal fees, arising out of or resulting from hazardous material brought into Founders Hall by the sponsor, exhibitors, service contractors or an employee, agent, successor or assign of one of the foregoing.


You must submit an event agenda at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. 

Event agendas should be sent to the attention of the event manager.

No Smoking Policy 

Founders Hall at Bank of America Corporate Center is a smoke-free facility. 

Special Decorations and Signs 

The location and method of installation of any special decorations or signs must be approved by Founders Hall management prior to installation. 

Gaffers tape is the only adhesive allowed for use in Founders Hall. Zip ties are allowed for the hanging of banners. The use of any other adhesives or tape is not permitted in Founders Hall. Under NO circumstances are helium balloons or adhesive-backed decals to be given away or permitted to be used in Founders Hall. 

Any costs incurred by Founders Hall because of the use or removal of the items not permitted for use in Founders Hall will be charged to the sponsor. 

Special decorations or signs that the sponsor wants to save must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Any materials left in Founders Hall after the event will be considered trash. All moveable art panels in Founders Hall Lobby shall be installed and removed by Founders Hall personnel. 

We do not accept any responsibility for moving artwork. The artist is responsible for moving and transporting all of their own artwork. 

Tabletop Décor

All candles must be enclosed in a glass or metal container 3" above flame. 

Use of Carts or Floats by Sponsors 

A limited number of carts or floats are available for use by individual sponsors during special events under the following condition: 

A driver's license is required for the use of a cart or float which will be retained by the dock master until the cart or float is returned in the same condition as when they were checked out, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

Use of Loading Docks

The Loading dock is available for the drop-off of event related materials. The Founders Hall event manager assigned to the event will determine needed space and will alert the dock of time of use for special event. The sponsor is not permitted to leave vehicles in the loading dock area. 

Dangerous Weapons 

The possession of a dangerous weapon is strictly prohibited in Founders Hall and the Bank of America Corporate Center. A dangerous weapon is considered to be any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property. 


Founders Hall has no dressing rooms available for bands. Because some bands require a dressing room, which we cannot provide, event sponsors are asked to communicate this to the band. The Founders Hall staff will be happy to assist with reservations at a nearby hotel to accommodate the band's dressing room needs if the sponsor cannot arrange. The sponsor should pay this charge at the hotel. 


All parking charges for the participants in the event are included in the fee unless the event is open to the public. The owner will provide the sponsor with parking passes for the participants in the event. Such participants shall be required to present their parking passes in order to enter and exit the parking facility without further charge.

In the event that the sponsor's event is held in conjunction with an event in the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center (PAC), parking is not included in the fee and sponsor's guests will be required to pay the PAC parking rate. 

Residual Matters 

Any other rules, matters, regulations, or exceptions not discussed in the guidelines will be decided upon by event managers.